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Discover the latest health and beauty tips from the skin experts at The Cosmetic Institute. Read our blog to see the latest advancements in skin care. Find out the newest research into how your skin really functions and what you can do to keep it healthy and looking great.

11 Great Reasons to Have a Chemical Peel

By The Cosmetic Institute

Maintaining radiant skin isn’t always easy, and even the healthiest lifestyle and good skin care can leave you with a dull or ruddy complexion.  

Chemical peels are one of the simplest and most effective treatments for achieving that radiant glow, and also help in increase the effectiveness of the products that you use on a daily basis. Not only can you expect smooth and clear skin with these treatments, but chemical peels can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   

If you’re looking for a good glow and healthy skin without expensive surgery, chemical peels could be the secret to getting that youthful healthy look.

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I love the summer. Bare foot days at the beach, kayaking the springs and soaking in the sun. When I was younger, I'd laugh at my bright red complexion and secretly enjoyed peeling the loose skin. Growing older and a bit wiser, I now know the importance of protecting myself from the UV (ultraviolet) radiation within those warming beams. I have also learned the importance of choosing the right sunscreen.
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Skin Care Tips Before a Special Occasion

By Kelli Kennedy LE, COE- The Cosmetic Institute at Vascular Vein Centers

We all know that getting ready for the "big event" takes time and planning...your skin does not deserve anything less. Here are some key tips to get great looking skin for the big event.

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