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Skin Care Tips Before a Special Occasion


We all know that getting ready for the "big event" takes time and planning...your skin does not deserve anything less. Here are some key tips to get great looking skin for the big event.

The most important gift that you can give your skin is to find an Esthetician that you are comfortable with and stick with her- that way she can become familiar with your particular skin.

Getting great skin is a process.

Key tips:

**4-5 treatments spaced apart approximately 3 weeks
**Stay on your same skincare products. You don't want any unusual reaction showing up
**Talk with your esthetician about your home care product protocol
**Get your Mom and Bridesmaids involved in caring for their skin. They will also be in your Forever Photos!
**Cut down on coffee and alcohol consumption- they cause dark circles and puffiness

Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion treatments are excellent ways of achieving the radiant glow you want for the big day. 

Just make sure you start pampering your skin early enough!
Kelli Kennedy LE, COE




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