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Get Rid of Wrinkles with BOTOX® Wrinkle Removal

Smooth facial lines to erase years from your face. With BOTOX® Wrinkle Removal at the Cosmetic Institute at VVC, the fresh, youthful look you want can quickly become a reality with a safe, simple, nonsurgical treatment.

The most popular cosmetic procedure in the world, BOTOX® Wrinkle Removal works by injecting an FDA-approved protein solution into the muscles that causes the deep lines, and weakens the muscles, erasing fine lines and wrinkles. You won’t believe the results.

Erase wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging in 15 minutes or less

There’s no recovery time, no surgery and fast results. The procedure takes 15 minutes with no downtime and lasts for three to four months. It’s that simple to get the look you want. No wonder millions of patients, both men and women, have taken advantage of this proven technique for over 20 years!

See our BOTOX side by side comparison

Areas the Cosmetic Institute at VVC Treats with BOTOX® Wrinkle Remover

  • Crows feet
  • Frown lines
  • Laugh lines
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Eyebrow wrinkles

See exactly how BOTOX® Wrinkle Removal creates a more youthful look. Schedule your priority consultation with our certified skin specialists, today.

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